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Automation & Technology are changing on a daily basis.  By coming back to Saskatoon after being in the industry since 2009, Lacelle Home Solutions automation  has the right system to suit your home and business needs! Home theater in Saskatoon.

As a CEDIA member we strive to provide you with products that we've learned to use and trust.  As a home automation system provider we want to use products that  are backed by manufacturer's warranty and tech support to ensure that you needs and wants are met.

As we have many product please explore our some of our main product lines.  This changes constantly as we look to remain up to date and provide our clients with the best option for their wants and needs. 

Meet with us to come up with a solution that will suit your needs right now and what you may want for the future!

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We've got all your needs covered: 

  • Lighting Control
  • Audio Control
  • Cameras
  • Security
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • TV's
  • Sprinkler Control
  • Blinds/Shading
  • Temperature Control
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Golf Simulators
  • Theater furniture
  • Electrical

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